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Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet

Part Number Who I Am in Christ
Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet
Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet
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When a person becomes a Christian, he/she gets a new name and a new identity in Christ. The Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet reminds what God has done through His Son, Jesus Christ, and includes a list of God's new names for you.

Your New Identity in Christ ? 30 New Names for Christians You can live with confidence and hope because you have a new identity in Christ.

?You are Forgiven

?You are Beloved

?You are Alive

?You are Chosen

?You are Accepted

?...and so many more

Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet Shows 6 Ways God Created You To Be

?I am a creature crafted by God

?I am known by God

?I am made for worship

?...and more

Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet Shows 8 Calamities God Rescued You From

This is a list of how you used to be.

?I was broken forever - Romans 3:10-18

?I was living my life for myself - Eph. 2:3

?I was dead - Eph. 2:1

?I was a mess - Romans 7

?...and more.

Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet: Explains Your New Identity in Jesus

?Your 30 new names and identity in Christ.

?Explanation of each name or title

?Bible reference for your new name in Jesus Christ Size: Fits inside most Bibles, 14 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long. Price: $4.00

Bible Study Questions on Your New Identity in Christ 1.Read panels 1-2. Pick one or two traits that believers have as a result of having faith in Jesus Christ. Look up the Scripture references. How does this connect with your life, and why is it meaningful to you? 2.Read panels 3-4 on "Who God created me to be." Pick one of these traits and look up the Bible references. Why did you select this one? How would you apply it to your life? 3.Read panels 5-6 on "Who I am on my own (when I ignore God)?" Even after putting faith in Christ, people still face the temptation to live life for themselves. Look up the verses for this trait and read them aloud. What practical ways can a person let go of their selfish patterns? 4.Read panel 7. The Apostle Paul was a very important person before he started following Christ. Compare what he says about his life before and after. What strikes you as most important? 5.Read panels 8-10 on "Who I will be in Christ." Pick one favorite and read the verses. Why is this promise encouraging to you? 6.Read panels 11-13 and focus on panel 13. How are you a member of Christ's body? How are you willing to serve? Ways to Use This Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet Personal Use ?Personal Worship ?Journaling and Time Alone with God Group Use ?Adults Sunday School Classes ?Bible Studies ?Discipleship and Mentoring ?Biblical and Pastoral Counseling ?Recovery/addiction groups ?Divorce Recovery groups ?Hospital and Hospice Work