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MESSIANIC CHRISTOLOGY (eBOOK) by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M., Ph.D

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MESSIANIC CHRISTOLOGY (eBOOK) by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M., Ph.D
MESSIANIC CHRISTOLOGY (eBOOK) by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M., Ph.D
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Messianic Christology, it's newer cover title now called Ha-Mashiach, is a study of Old Testament prophecy concerning the First Coming of the Messiah. Dr. Fruchtenbaum works his way through the Old Testament following the first century Jewish arrangement of the books, the arrangement that Jesus was familiar with. He shows from The Law, The Prophets and The Writings... how the revelation of the Messiah gradually progressed and built-up to reveal a magnificent picture of the Deliverer to come. The Hebrew Scriptures formed the very basis for evangelism in the New Testament. First, Jesus with His disciples, and then the disciples themselves used the Old Testament to substantiate His claim to be the Messiah. When the messianic expectations of Hebrew prophecy are fully understood, it becomes clear that Jesus and only Jesus can fulfill these requirements. DO YOU KNOW: That Chavah (Eve) mistakenly thought she had given birth to the promised God-man. Why Lamech believed his son was to be the Messiah? That at his time of death, Jacob prophesied to his fourth son and pinpointed the very time that Messiah would come in history. Who the covenant recorded in II Samuel 7 refers to, as opposed to who the parallel passage in I Chronicles 17 refers to? That there are two distinct prophesies in Isaiah 7, one to the wicked king Ahaz and another to the whole house of David? That Daniel 9 is only one of seven prophesies that insist upon Messiah's appearance on earth before a very significant historical event? That while the Jewish author of the Zohar sensed plurality in the unutterable name of God, the Hebrew Scriptures plainly teach that it is only possible to believe that Messiah is God if He is considered to be one member of the Godhead. The above is only a minute sampling of topics dealt with in Messianic Christology. An entire supplemental section explains how the Old Testament reveals not only the plurality, but also the unity and triunity of the Godhead. Eleven in-depth appendices cover critical topics including: The Sons of God of Genesis 6, Rabbinic Views of Messiah and Isaiah 53, Why Did Messiah Have to Die?, Christ's Right to David's Throne, The Starting Point of the Seventy Sevens, How Did the Wise Men Know?, How the New Testament Quotes the Old Testament, The Death of Judas Iscariot, Jewish Objections to Jesus, and a detailed Table of Messianic Prophecies. Messianic Christology is an absorbing study that will strengthen your faith, bless your heart, invigorate your worship, and empower your witness to Jew and Gentile. ADOBE PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT (PDF): 166 pages, approximate download file size is 37MB.
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